Tutorials Edit

  • First things first, see setting up your development environment for the tools and setup you need to extend the block editor.

  • See the Getting Started with JavaScript Tutorial to learn about how to use JavaScript within WordPress.

  • Beginners: The Create a Block Tutorial walks through creating a block plugin using the @wordpress/create-block package; a quick and easy way to start creating your own block.

  • Intermediate: The Block Tutorial covers different aspects of block development. The documentation is slightly dated but still valid, if you are new to block development, start with the Create Block Tutorial above.

  • See the Meta Boxes Tutorial for new ways of extending the editor storing and using post meta data.

  • Check out the Notices Tutorial to learn how to display informational UI at the top of the editor.

  • The Sidebar Tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating a sidebar to update data from the post_meta table.

  • Learn how to add customized buttons to the toolbar with the Format API tutorial.

  • Build your own custom block editor instance – this will walk you through building a standalone instance of the block editor within WP Admin.