stylelint configuration rules to ensure your CSS is compliant with the WordPress CSS Coding Standards.


$ npm install @wordpress/stylelint-config --save-dev

Note: This package requires Node.js version with long-term support status (check Active LTS or Maintenance LTS releases). It is not compatible with older versions.


If you’ve installed @wordpress/stylelint-config locally within your project, just set your stylelint config to:

    "extends": "@wordpress/stylelint-config"

If you’ve globally installed @wordpress/stylelint-config using the -g flag, then you’ll need to use the absolute path to @wordpress/stylelint-config in your config:

    "extends": "/absolute/path/to/@wordpress/stylelint-config"


In addition to the default preset, there is also a SCSS preset. This preset extends both @wordpress/stylelint-config and stylelint-config-recommended-scss.


    "extends": [ "@wordpress/stylelint-config/scss" ]

Extending the config

Simply add a "rules" key to your config and add your overrides there.

For example, to change the indentation to four spaces and turn off the number-leading-zero rule:

    "extends": "@wordpress/stylelint-config",
    "rules": {
        "indentation": 4,
        "number-leading-zero": null

Contributing to this package

This is an individual package that’s part of the Gutenberg project. The project is organized as a monorepo. It’s made up of multiple self-contained software packages, each with a specific purpose. The packages in this monorepo are published to npm and used by WordPress as well as other software projects.

To find out more about contributing to this package or Gutenberg as a whole, please read the project’s main contributor guide.