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MenuGroup wraps a series of related MenuItem components into a common section.

MenuGroup Example

  1. MenuGroup

Table of Contents Table of Contents

  1. Design guidelines
  2. Development guidelines
  3. Related components

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Design guidelines Design guidelines

Usage Usage

A MenuGroup should be used to indicate that two or more individual MenuItems are related. When other menu items exist above or below a MenuGroup, the group should have a divider line between it and the adjacent item. A MenuGroup can optionally include a label to describe its contents.

MenuGroup diagram with label and dividers

  1. MenuGroup label
  2. MenuGroup dividers

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Development guidelines Development guidelines

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Usage Usage

import { MenuGroup, MenuItem } from '@wordpress/components';

const MyMenuGroup = () => (
    <MenuGroup label="Settings">
        <MenuItem>Setting 1</MenuItem>
        <MenuItem>Setting 2</MenuItem>

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  • MenuGroups are intended to be used in a DropDownMenu.
  • To use a single button in a menu, use MenuItem.
  • To allow users to toggle between a set of menu options, use MenuItemsChoice inside of a MenuGroup.