ZStack Edit

This feature is still experimental. “Experimental” means this is an early implementation subject to drastic and breaking changes.

Usage Usage

ZStack allows you to stack things along the Z-axis.

import { __experimentalZStack as ZStack } from '@wordpress/components';

function Example() {
    return (
        <ZStack offset={ 20 } isLayered>
            <ExampleImage />
            <ExampleImage />
            <ExampleImage />

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Props Props

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isLayered: boolean isLayered: boolean

When true, the children are stacked on top of each other. When false, the children follow the normal flow of the layout. Defaults to true.

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isReversed: boolean isReversed: boolean

Reverse the layer ordering. When true, the first child has the lowest z-index and the last child has the highest z-index. When false, the first child has the highest z-index and the last child has the lowest z-index. Defaults to false.

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offset: number offset: number

The amount of space between each child element. Defaults to 0. Its value is automatically inverted (i.e. from positive to negative, and viceversa) when switching from LTR to RTL.

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children: ReactNode children: ReactNode

The children to stack.