import { Placeholder } from '@wordpress/components';
import { more } from '@wordpress/icons';

const MyPlaceholder = () => <Placeholder icon={ more } label="Placeholder" />;


className: string

Class to set on the container div.

  • Required: No

icon: string|Function|Component|null

If provided, renders an icon next to the label.

  • Required: No

instructions: string

Instructions of the placeholder.

  • Required: No

isColumnLayout: boolean

Changes placeholder children layout from flex-row to flex-column.

  • Required: No

label: string

Title of the placeholder.

  • Required: No

notices: ReactNode

A rendered notices list

  • Required: No

preview: ReactNode

Preview to be rendered in the placeholder.

  • Required: No

withIllustration: boolean

Outputs a placeholder illustration.

  • Required: No