Elevation Edit

This feature is still experimental. “Experimental” means this is an early implementation subject to drastic and breaking changes.

Elevation is a core component that renders shadow, using the component system’s shadow system.

Usage Usage

The shadow effect is generated using the value prop.

import {
    __experimentalElevation as Elevation,
    __experimentalSurface as Surface,
    __experimentalText as Text,
} from '@wordpress/components';

function Example() {
    return (
            <Text>Code is Poetry</Text>
            <Elevation value={ 5 } />

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Props Props


Type: boolean

Renders the active (interaction) shadow value.


Type: string,number

Renders the border-radius of the shadow.


Type: boolean

Renders the focus (interaction) shadow value.


Type: boolean

Renders the hover (interaction) shadow value.


Type: boolean

Determines if hover, active, and focus shadow values should be automatically calculated and rendered.


Type: number

Dimensional offsets (margin) for the shadow.


Type: number

Size of the shadow, based on the Style system’s elevation system. The value determines the strength of the shadow, which sense of depth.
In the example below, isInteractive is activated to give a better sense of depth.

import { __experimentalElevation as Elevation } from '@wordpress/components';

function Example() {
    return (
            <Elevation isInteractive value={ 200 } />