ToolsPanel Edit

This feature is still experimental. “Experimental” means this is an early
implementation subject to drastic and breaking changes.

These panels provide progressive discovery options for their children. For
example the controls provided via block supports.

Development guidelines Development guidelines

The ToolsPanel creates a container with a header including a
dropdown menu. The menu is generated automatically from the panel’s children
matching the ToolsPanelItem component type.

Each menu item allows for the display of the corresponding child to be
toggled on or off. The control’s onSelect and onDeselect callbacks are fired
allowing for greater control over the child e.g. resetting block attributes when
a block support control is toggled off.

Whether a child control is initially displayed or not is dependent upon
if there has previously been a value set or the child has been flagged as
displaying by default through the isShownByDefault prop. Determining whether a
child has a value is done via the hasValue function provided through the
child’s props.

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Usage Usage

import {
    __experimentalToolsPanel as ToolsPanel,
    __experimentalToolsPanelItem as ToolsPanelItem,
} from '@wordpress/components';
import { __ } from '@wordpress/i18n';

import {
} from './padding';

export function DimensionPanel( props ) {
    const isPaddingDisabled = useIsPaddingDisabled( props );

    const resetAll = () => {
        // Reset attributes for all block support features in this panel.

    return (
        <ToolsPanel label={ __( 'Dimensions' ) } resetAll={ resetAll }>
            { ! isPaddingDisabled && (
                    hasValue={ () => hasPaddingValue( props ) }
                    label={ __( 'Padding' ) }
                    onDeselect={ () => resetPadding( props ) }
                    <PaddingEdit { ...props } />
            ) }

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Props Props

label: string label: string

Text to be displayed within the panel’s header and as the aria-label for the
panel’s dropdown menu.

  • Required: Yes

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panelId: function panelId: function

If a panelId is set, it is passed through the ToolsPanelContext and used
to restrict panel items. Only items with a matching panelId will be able
to register themselves with this panel.

  • Required: No

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resetAll: function resetAll: function

A function to call when the Reset all menu option is selected. This is passed
through to the panel’s header component.

  • Required: Yes