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<FocusableIframe /> is a component rendering an iframe element enhanced to support focus events. By default, it is not possible to detect when an iframe is focused or clicked within. This enhanced component uses a technique which checks whether the target of a window blur event is the iframe, inferring that this has resulted in the focus of the iframe. It dispatches an emulated FocusEvent on the iframe element with event bubbling, so a parent component binding its own onFocus event will account for focus transitioning within the iframe.


Use as you would a standard iframe. You may pass onFocus directly as the callback to be invoked when the iframe receives focus, or on an ancestor component since the event will bubble.

import { FocusableIframe } from '@wordpress/components';

const MyFocusableIframe = () => (
        onFocus={ () => console.log( 'iframe is focused' ) }


Any props aside from those listed below will be passed to the FocusableIframe will be passed through to the underlying iframe element.


  • Type: Function
  • Required: No

Callback to invoke when iframe receives focus. Passes an emulated FocusEvent object as the first argument.


  • Type: React.Ref
  • Required: No

If a reference to the underlying DOM element is needed, pass iframeRef as the result of a React.createRef called from your component.