MenuItemsChoice functions similarly to a set of MenuItems, but allows the user to select one option from a set of multiple choices.

MenuItemsChoice Example

Design guidelines

A MenuItemsChoice should be housed within in its own distinct MenuGroup, so that the set of options are distinct from nearby MenuItems.


MenuItemsChoice is used in a DropdownMenu to present users with a set of options. When one option in a MenuItemsChoice is selected, the others are automatically deselected.

MenuItemsChoice Diagram

  1. A checkmark icon appears next to the choice when it’s enabled, and disappears when disabled.
  2. If an item in MenuItemsChoice has an associated keyboard shortcut, that should be displayed to the right of the menu title, aligned to the right side of the menu item. Selected choices should not have visible shortcuts, since they are already active.

When to use MenuItemsChoice

Use MenuItemsChoice when you want users to:

  • Select a single option from a set of choices in a menu.
  • Expose all available options.

MenuItemsChoice should not be used to toggle individual features on and off. For that, consider using a FeatureToggle.


When using MenuItemsChoice , one option should be selected by default (i.e., when the page loads, in the case of a web application).

User control

Selecting an option by default communicates that the user is required to choose one in the set.

Expediting tasks

When one choice in a set of MenuItemsChoice is the most desirable or frequently selected, it’s helpful to select it by default. Doing this reduces the interaction cost and can save the user time and clicks.

The power of suggestion

Designs with a MenuItemsChoice option selected by default make a strong suggestion to the user. It can help them make the best decision and increase their confidence. (Use this guidance with caution, and only for good.)

Development guidelines


import { useState } from 'react';
import { MenuGroup, MenuItemsChoice } from '@wordpress/components';

const MyMenuItemsChoice = () => {
    const [ mode, setMode ] = useState( 'visual' );
    const choices = [
            value: 'visual',
            label: 'Visual editor',
            value: 'text',
            label: 'Code editor',

    return (
        <MenuGroup label="Editor">
                choices={ choices }
                value={ mode }
                onSelect={ ( newMode ) => setMode( newMode ) }