PluginSidebarMoreMenuItem Edit

This slot allows the creation of a <PluginSidebar> with a menu item that when clicked will expand the sidebar to the appropriate Plugin section.
This is done by setting the target on <PluginSidebarMoreMenuItem> to match the name on the <PluginSidebar>


import { registerPlugin } from '@wordpress/plugins';
import { PluginSidebar, PluginSidebarMoreMenuItem } from '@wordpress/edit-post';
import { image } from '@wordpress/icons';

const PluginSidebarMoreMenuItemTest = () => (
        <PluginSidebarMoreMenuItem target="sidebar-name" icon={ image }>
            Expanded Sidebar - More item
        <PluginSidebar name="sidebar-name" icon={ image } title="My Sidebar">
            Content of the sidebar

registerPlugin( 'plugin-sidebar-expanded-test', {
    render: PluginSidebarMoreMenuItemTest,
} );

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