@wordpress/readable-js-assets-webpack-plugin Edit

Generate a readable non-minified JS file for each .min.js asset.

The end result is that for each JS entrypoint, we get a set of readable and non-minimized .js file and a minimized .min.js. This allows Gutenberg to follow the WordPress convention of adding a .min.js suffix to minimized JS files, while still providing a readable and unminized files that play well with the WordPress i18n machinery.

Consult the webpack website for additional information on webpack concepts.

Installation Installation

Install the module

npm install @wordpress/readable-js-assets-webpack-plugin --save-dev

Note: This package requires Node.js 12.0.0 or later. It also requires webpack 4.8.3 and newer. It is not compatible with older versions.

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Usage Usage

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Webpack Webpack

Use this plugin as you would other webpack plugins:

// webpack.config.js
const ReadableJsAssetsWebpackPlugin = require( '@wordpress/readable-js-assets-webpack-plugin' );

module.exports = {
    // …snip
    plugins: [ new ReadableJsAssetsWebpackPlugin() ],

– Multiple instances of the plugin are not supported and may produced unexpected results;
– It assumes your webpack pipeline is already generating a .min.js JS asset file for each JS entry-point.