Generate a readable non-minified JS file for each .min.js asset.

The end result is that for each JS entrypoint, we get a set of readable and non-minimized .js file and a minimized .min.js. This allows Gutenberg to follow the WordPress convention of adding a .min.js suffix to minimized JS files, while still providing a readable and unminized files that play well with the WordPress i18n machinery.

Consult the webpack website for additional information on webpack concepts.


Install the module

npm install @wordpress/readable-js-assets-webpack-plugin --save-dev

Note: This package requires Node.js 14.0.0 or later. It also requires webpack 4.8.3 and newer. It is not compatible with older versions.



Use this plugin as you would other webpack plugins:

// webpack.config.js
const ReadableJsAssetsWebpackPlugin = require( '@wordpress/readable-js-assets-webpack-plugin' );

module.exports = {
    // …snip
    plugins: [ new ReadableJsAssetsWebpackPlugin() ],


  • Multiple instances of the plugin are not supported and may produced unexpected results;
  • It assumes your webpack pipeline is already generating a .min.js JS asset file for each JS entry-point.

Contributing to this package

This is an individual package that’s part of the Gutenberg project. The project is organized as a monorepo. It’s made up of multiple self-contained software packages, each with a specific purpose. The packages in this monorepo are published to npm and used by WordPress as well as other software projects.

To find out more about contributing to this package or Gutenberg as a whole, please read the project’s main contributor guide.