ColorPicker Edit

ColorPicker is a color picking component based on react-colorful. It lets you pick a color visually or by manipulating the individual RGB(A), HSL(A) and Hex(8) color values.

Usage Usage

import { ColorPicker } from '@wordpress/components/ui';

function Example() {
    const [color, setColor] = useState();
    return (

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Props Props

color color

Type: string

The current color value to display in the picker. Must be a hex or hex8 string.

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onChange onChange

Type: (hex8Color: string) => void

Fired when the color changes. Always passes a hex8 color string.

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enableAlpha enableAlpha

Type: boolean

Defaults to false. When true the color picker will display the alpha channel both in the bottom inputs as well as in the color picker itself.

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defaultValue defaultValue

Type: string | undefined

An optional default value to use for the color picker.

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copyFormat copyFormat

Type: 'hex' | 'hsl' | 'rgb' | undefined

The format to copy when clicking the displayed color format.