PluginDocumentSettingPanel Edit

This SlotFill allows registering a UI to edit Document settings.

Available Props

  • name string: A string identifying the panel.
  • className string: An optional class name added to the sidebar body.
  • title string: Title displayed at the top of the sidebar.
  • icon (string|Element): The Dashicon icon slug string, or an SVG WP element.

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import { registerPlugin } from '@wordpress/plugins';
import { PluginDocumentSettingPanel } from '@wordpress/edit-post';

const PluginDocumentSettingPanelDemo = () => (
        title="Custom Panel"
        Custom Panel Contents

registerPlugin( 'plugin-document-setting-panel-demo', {
    render: PluginDocumentSettingPanelDemo,
    icon: 'palmtree',
} );

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Accessing a panel programmatically

Custom panels are namespaced with the plugin name that was passed to registerPlugin.
In order to access the panels using function such as 'core/edit-post' ).toggleEditorPanelOpened or 'core/edit-post' ).toggleEditorPanelEnabled be sure to prepend the namespace.

To programmatically toggle the custom panel added in the example above, use the following:
    .dispatch( 'core/edit-post' )