End-To-End (E2E) Playwright test utils for WordPress.

It works properly with the minimum version of Gutenberg 9.2.0 or the minimum version of WordPress 5.6.0.

This package is still under active development. Documentation might not be up-to-date, and the v0.x version can introduce breaking changes without a detailed migration guide. Early adopters are encouraged to use a lock file to prevent unexpected breakages.


Install the module

npm install @wordpress/e2e-test-utils-playwright --save-dev

Note: This package requires Node.js 12.0.0 or later. It is not compatible with older versions.



The extended Playwright’s test module with the admin, editor, pageUtils and the requestUtils fixtures.


The Playwright/Jest’s expect function.


End to end test utilities for WordPress admin’s user interface.

const admin = new Admin( { page, pageUtils } );
await admin.visitAdminPage( 'options-general.php' );


End to end test utilities for the WordPress Block Editor.

To use these utilities, instantiate them within each test file:

test.use( {
    editor: async ( { page }, use ) => {
        await use( new Editor( { page } ) );
} );

Within a test or test utility, use the canvas property to select elements within the iframe canvas:

await editor.canvas.locator( 'role=document[name="Paragraph block"i]' )


Generic Playwright utilities for interacting with web pages.

const pageUtils = new PageUtils( { page } );
await pageUtils.pressKeys( 'primary+a' );


Playwright utilities for interacting with the WordPress REST API.

Create a request utils instance.

const requestUtils = await RequestUtils.setup( {
    user: {
        username: 'admin',
        password: 'password',
} );

Contributing to this package

This is an individual package that’s part of the Gutenberg project. The project is organized as a monorepo. It’s made up of multiple self-contained software packages, each with a specific purpose. The packages in this monorepo are published to npm and used by WordPress as well as other software projects.

To find out more about contributing to this package or Gutenberg as a whole, please read the project’s main contributor guide.