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Documentation for Gutenberg is maintained in the /docs/ directory in the same Gutenberg Github repository. The docs are published every 15 minutes to the Block Editor Handbook site.

New Document New Document

To add a new documentation page:

  1. Create a Markdown file in the docs folder
  2. Add item to the toc.json hierarchy
  3. Update manifest-devhub.json by running npm run docs:build
  4. Commit manifest-devhub.json with other files updated

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It’s very likely that at some point you will want to link to other documentation pages. It’s worth emphasizing that all documents can be browsed in different contexts:

  • Block Editor Handbook
  • GitHub website
  • npm website

To create links that work in all contexts, you should use absolute path links without the prefix. You can reference files using the following patterns:

  • /docs/*.md
  • /packages/*/
  • /packages/components/src/**/

This way they will be properly handled in all three aforementioned contexts.

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