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The basic block is in place, the next step is to add styles to the block. Feel free to style and adjust for your own preference, the main lesson is showing how to create and load external resources. For this example we’re going to load the colorized gilbert font from Type with Pride.

Note: The color may not work with all browsers until they support the proper color font properly, but the font itself still loads and styles. See for browser support and details on color fonts.

Load Font File Load Font File

Download and extract the font from the Type with Pride site, and copy it to your plugin directory naming it gilbert-color.otf. To load the font file, we need to add CSS using standard WordPress enqueue, see Including CSS & JavaScript documentation.

In the gutenpride.php file, the enqueue process is already setup from the generated script, so editor.css and style.css files are loaded using:

register_block_type( 'create-block/gutenpride', array(
    'apiVersion' => 2,
    'editor_script' => 'create-block-gutenpride-block-editor',
    'editor_style'  => 'create-block-gutenpride-block-editor',
    'style'         => 'create-block-gutenpride-block',
) );

The editor_style and style parameters refer to the files that match the handles in the wp_register_style functions.

Note: the editor_style loads only within the editor, and after the style. The style CSS loads in both the editor and front-end — published post view.

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Add CSS Style for Block Add CSS Style for Block

We only need to add the style to style.css since it will show while editing and viewing the post. Edit the style.css to add the following.

Note: the block classname is prefixed with wp-block. The create-block/gutenpride is converted to the classname .wp-block-create-block-gutenpride.

@font-face {
    font-family: Gilbert;
    src: url( gilbert-color.otf );
    font-weight: bold;

.wp-block-create-block-gutenpride {
    font-family: Gilbert;
    font-size: 64px;

After updating, reload the post and refresh the browser. If you are using a browser that supports color fonts (Firefox) then you will see it styled.

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Use Sass for Style (optional) Use Sass for Style (optional)

The wp-scripts package provides support for using the Sass/Scss languages, to generate CSS, added in @wordpress/scripts v9.1.0. See the Sass language site to learn more about Sass.

To use Sass, you need to import a editor.scss or style.scss in the index.js JavaScript file and it will build and output the generated file in the build directory. Note: You need to update the enqueing functions in PHP to load from the correct location.

Add the following imports to index.js:

import '../editor.scss';

import Edit from './edit';
import save from './save';

Update gutenpride.php to enqueue from generated file location:

$editor_css = "build/index.css";

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