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DateTimePicker is a React component that renders a calendar and clock for date and time selection. The calendar and clock components can be accessed individually using the DatePicker and TimePicker components respectively.

Date Time component

Best practices Best practices

Date pickers should:

  • Use smart defaults and highlight the current date.

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Usage Usage

Render a DateTimePicker.

import { DateTimePicker } from '@wordpress/components';
import { __experimentalGetSettings } from '@wordpress/date';
import { withState } from '@wordpress/compose';

const MyDateTimePicker = withState( {
    date: new Date(),
} )( ( { date, setState } ) => {
    const settings = __experimentalGetSettings();

    // To know if the current timezone is a 12 hour time with look for an "a" in the time format.
    // We also make sure this a is not escaped by a "/".
    const is12HourTime = /a(?!\\)/i.test(
            .toLowerCase() // Test only the lower case a
            .replace( /\\\\/g, '' ) // Replace "//" with empty strings
            .split( '' ).reverse().join( '' ) // Reverse the string and test for "a" not followed by a slash

    return (
            currentDate={ date }
            onChange={ ( date ) => setState( { date } ) }
            is12Hour={ is12HourTime }
} );

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Props Props

The component accepts the following props:

currentDate currentDate

The current date and time at initialization. Optionally pass in a null value to specify no date is currently selected.

  • Type: string
  • Required: No
  • Default: today’s date

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onChange onChange

The function called when a new date or time has been selected. It is passed the currentDate as an argument.

  • Type: Function
  • Required: Yes

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is12Hour is12Hour

Whether we use a 12-hour clock. With a 12-hour clock, an AM/PM widget is displayed and the time format is assumed to be MM-DD-YYYY.

  • Type: bool
  • Required: No

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isInvalidDate isInvalidDate

A callback function which receives a Date object representing a day as an argument, and should return a Boolean to signify if the day is valid or not.

  • Type: Function
  • Required: No

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isDayHighlighted isDayHighlighted

A callback function which receives a moment object representing a day as an argument, and should return a Boolean to signify if the day is visually highlighted in the calendar.

This function will be called on each day, every time user browses into a different month. If you want to force an update to highlights, pass a new reference to your function. Otherwise, make sure the reference does not change between renders to fully leverage the caching.

  • Type: Function
  • Required: No