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DateTimePicker is a React component to render a calendar and clock for selecting a date and time. The calendar and clock components can be accessed individually using the DatePicker and TimePicker components respectively.

Usage Usage

Render a DateTimePicker.

import { DateTimePicker } from '@wordpress/components';
import { __experimentalGetSettings } from '@wordpress/date';
import { withState } from '@wordpress/compose';

const MyDateTimePicker = withState( {
    date: new Date(),
} )( ( { date, setState } ) => {
    const settings = __experimentalGetSettings();

    // To know if the current timezone is a 12 hour time with look for an "a" in the time format.
    // We also make sure this a is not escaped by a "/".
    const is12HourTime = /a(?!\\)/i.test(
            .toLowerCase() // Test only the lower case a
            .replace( /\\\\/g, '' ) // Replace "//" with empty strings
            .split( '' ).reverse().join( '' ) // Reverse the string and test for "a" not followed by a slash

    return (
            currentDate={ date }
            onChange={ ( date ) => setState( { date } ) }
            is12Hour={ is12HourTime }
} );

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Props Props

The component accepts the following props:

currentDate currentDate

The current date and time at initialization. Optionally pass in a null value to specify no date is currently selected.

  • Type: string
  • Required: No
  • Default: today’s date

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onChange onChange

The function called when a new date or time has been selected. It is passed the currentDate as an argument.

  • Type: Function
  • Required: Yes

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is12Hour is12Hour

Whether we use a 12-hour clock. With a 12-hour clock, an AM/PM widget is displayed and the time format is assumed to be MM-DD-YYYY.

  • Type: bool
  • Required: No

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isInvalidDate isInvalidDate

A callback function which receives a Date object representing a day as an argument, and should return a Boolean to signify if the day is valid or not.

  • Type: Function
  • Required: No