Releasing Your Theme

This section covers the requirements and submission process for releasing your theme into the WordPress Theme Directory. If you’ve followed the instructions in this handbook, your theme is almost ready for release into the directory.

The first requirement to releasing your theme is to make sure you have – at a minimum – the required theme files before submitting your theme for review.

Once you’ve confirmed the required theme files, thorough testing of the theme – including content – must be completed. Following the theme review guidelines will help ensure acceptance of your theme.

After completing everything above, having the proper documentation is the final step before submitting your theme for approval. After submitting your theme for review, the theme reviewer may request other changes to your theme.

Important Notices

Themes that have 3 or more distinct issues may be closed as not-approved. Theme authors are encouraged to review the Theme Review Guidelines.

“How to do a review (Draft)” is another practical guide to understand the review process in-depth.

First Two Checks

1. Commonly missed requirements

Here are some of the commonly missed requirements at the initial review. Themes with incomplete requirements may be closed as not-approved.

  • Themes must be compatible with the GNU General Public License. GPLv2 or later is strongly recommended.
  • Themes are not allowed to include plugins and non-design related functionalities such as forms. Anything that will be deleted when user switches a theme should not be included.
  • Shortcodes, custom post types, and custom blocks are not allowed in themes.

2. Testing your theme with Theme Check Plugin

Theme Check plugin is an easy way to test your theme and ensure it’s up to spec with the latest theme review standards. Learn more about Theme Check Plugin.