Submitting Your Theme to

Before themes are added to the WordPress Theme Directory, they are closely reviewed by the Themes team to make sure they adhere to basic guidelines. This review ensures that WordPress users across the globe can download themes that are high quality and secure.

Need Help?

If you have theme development questions, please post them in the Developing with WordPress forum. Volunteers from around the world are ready to assist you with the development of your theme.


Make sure you review the Theme Review Guidelines before uploading a theme. If you have questions about these guidelines, you can ask them in the #themereview channel in Slack. Anyone with a account can access the Making WordPress Slack.

Testing With Sample Data

The WordPress Themes Team will be reviewing your theme using the sample data from the Theme Unit Test. Before uploading your theme for review, please test it with this sample export data.

Uploading Your Theme

When you are ready to submit your theme for review, please upload your theme ZIP at Themes > Upload. Future updates are to be uploaded via the same page.

More information about the theme review process is available on the Themes Team website.