Release Confirmation Emails

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In order to better protect plugins from inadvertent releases, we’ve added a new opt-in feature for plugins: Release Confirmation.

When enabled on a plugin, to release a new version of a plugin you’ll need to tag a new release in SVN as normal, and then confirm on the Release Management dashboard.

Access to the Release Management dashboard is limited to plugin committers, and all actions require confirmation via a tokenised link which is emailed to you as needed.

When detects a new version has been tagged in SVN, all committers are automatically sent an email notifying them that a new release is pending, who made it, and a link to the dashboard to confirm the release.
Plugin committers will also see a banner on the top of your plugins page directing you to the Release Management dashboard.

Once confirmed, the release will proceed as usual and should update within a few minutes.


  • Plugins are required to use tags for new versions, you cannot release your plugin from trunk.
  • You must still update the Stable Tag: header in your trunk/readme.txt file.
  • Once released, alterations cannot be made to the tagged version. This includes changing the readme (for tested up to).
  • Committers must be able to receive emails directly, and not have it go to a shared inbox or support ticket system.

Requiring double approval

Release Confirmations are opt-in, but only requires a singular committer to confirm the release.
If a group would like to require multiple committers to approve a release, please contact the Plugins team with your request.