Privacy Related Options, Hooks and Capabilities

Options Options

wp_page_for_privacy_policy – contains the page ID of a site’s privacy page

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Actions Actions

user_request_action_confirmed – fired when a user confirms a privacy request

wp_privacy_delete_old_export_files – a scheduled action used to prune old exports from the personal data exports folder

wp_privacy_personal_data_erased – fired after the last page of the last eraser is complete

wp_privacy_personal_data_export_file – used to create a personal data export file as part of the export flow

wp_privacy_personal_data_export_file_created – fires after a personal data export file has been created

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Filters Filters

user_request_action_confirmed_message – allows modifying the action confirmation message displayed to the user

wp_privacy_export_expiration – controls how old export files are allowed to get, default is 3 days

wp_privacy_personal_data_email_content – allows modifying the email message send to users with their personal data export file link

wp_privacy_personal_data_erasers – supports registration of core and plugin personal data erasers

wp_privacy_personal_data_exporters – supports registration of core and plugin personal data exporters

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Capabilities Capabilities

Access to the privacy tools is controlled by a few new capabilities. These capabilities are:

erase_others_personal_data – determines if the Erase Personal Data sub-menu is available under Tools

export_others_personal_data – determines if the Export Personal Data sub-menu is available under Tools

manage_privacy_options – determines if the Privacy sub-menu is available under Settings

Administrators (on non-multisite installations) have these capabilities by default.