Add Your Plugin to the Block Directory

There are two main directory listings of block related plugins.

  • Plugins that are only blocks
  • Plugins that contain blocks

A plugin can be listed in both, however there will be no benefit to your plugin SEO or ranking due to either. The only benefit to being a plugin that is only a block is that you gain the ability to be added to the Block Directory in the Block Editor itself, for immediate installation.

Block Only Plugins

Block Only plugins are plugins that only contain blocks.

Block Plugins are required to be much smaller and more minimalist than a regular WordPress plugin in order to be safely installed with a single click. That means as well as keeping to the regular plugin guidelines you’ll also need to follow some additional rules. In particular, you should stick to mostly JavaScript code and keep PHP to the bare minimum; and not add any UI or other code outside of the Gutenberg editor.

If you’re a committer of a block plugin that does meet the criteria for adding it to the Block Directory as confirmed by the Checker tool, you can then add it yourself using the Block Checker tool:

Likewise you can remove it at any time using that same tool if you notice problems or would prefer it wasn’t included.

Helpful tools:

Plugins Containing Blocks

Many older plugins, as well as larger and more complex plugins, may contain blocks. They also will contain other features, like widgets. An example of this sort of plugin would be Jetpack or Yoast SEO. While they have a large number of features, they also contain some blocks.

If you’ve written a plugin that introduces or improves blocks, or know of a plugin that does, email us at and request your plugin be added. At that time, your plugin will be reviewed to confirm this request, but also to ensure you meet all current guideline standards.

Before you email, please make certain your plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and that it is free from all security issues. If there are security or guideline issues in your plugin, it may be closed pending your corrections.