TinyMCE Enhanced Shortcodes

It’s possible to parse shortcodes within the visual editor of TinyMCE and make them render actual content, rather than the shortcode itself.

Switching to the Text tab allows you to see the actual shortcode again.

Below are the built-in WordPress shortcodes that use this functionality.

Audio Shortcode Audio Shortcode

The [audio] shortcode allows you to embed a single audio file.

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Caption Shortcode Caption Shortcode

The [caption] shortcode wraps the image in a div and puts a <p class="wp-caption-text"> tag around the caption.

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The [gallery] shortcode allows you to embed several images at once in a div.

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Playlist Shortcode Playlist Shortcode

The [playlist] shortcode allows you to attach more than one media file and render with an html5 playlist.

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Video Shortcode Video Shortcode

The [video] shortcode is very similar to the [audio] shortcode, it simply renders a video instead of audio.