Advanced Administration Handbook

Welcome to the WordPress Advanced Administration Handbook! Here you will find WordPress advanced documentation. Use the “Contents” menu on the left to navigate topics.

Why Advanced Administration?

Not all users who use WordPress have to know about technology, and therefore in its documentation should not appear either, and developers do not have to know certain advanced system configurations.

With this in mind, all the more technically complex documentation has been included in this documentation so that it can be used by more or less technical people.

Where can I be involved?

The Documentation Team meets in the WordPress Slack, in the #docs channel. The conversations are in English. Check out the WordPress Meeting calendar for the current schedule.

Advanced Administration Handbook managers

This documentation is managed by @javiercasares, @lucp, and @milana_cap. Also, the Documentation Team and Hosting Team are involved in this.

If you’re interested in improving this handbook, check the Github Handbook repo, the Documentation Issue tracked, or leave a message in the #hosting-community channel at WordPress Slack.


  • 2023-01-15: Minor fixes, and reviewed.
  • 2022-08-16: First version.