Display Errors

What is display_errors?

display_errors is a directive found in PHP, found in the php.ini file. With this option, PHP determines whether or not errors should be printed directly on the page.

Why does display_errors need to be disabled?

According to PHP documentation, it should never be enabled on production environments or live sites.

While display_errors may provide useful information in debugging scenarios, there are potential security issues that need to be taken into account if it is activated. See OWASP article about improper error handling.

However, some hosting companies have display_errors enabled by default. This may be due to a misconfiguration, such as trying to disable it by using a configuration that does not work in hosting environments where for example PHP is not running as a module, but with PHP FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM).

How to disable display_errors

Check your hosting control panel to disable display_errors or reach out to your hosting provider.

If your PHP is running as Apache module, you may be able to disable display_errors with the following .htaccess configuration:

<IfModule mod_php8.c> php_flag display_errors off </IfModule>

If your server uses FastCGI/PHP-FPM, it may be possible disable the display_errors by ensuring that a .user.ini file with the following content:

display_errors = 0

If these examples do not work for you, or if you need more instructions, please reach out to your hosting provider.


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