Common APIs

  • The HTML API: process your tags, not your pain

    All by itself, the HTML Tag processor is better than regular expressions. It’s convenient, reliable, fast—and You. Can. Read. It. This article shows you in two examples how to get started using the HTML Tag processor.

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  • An introduction to block variations

    Block variations are one of the most powerful ways to extend WordPress. Learn how to create them and incorporate variations into your workflows.

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  • Understand and use WordPress nonces properly

    Nonces serve as valuable guardians, diligently shielding websites from potential threats like Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks, unauthorized AJAX requests, and vulnerabilities within themes and plugins. Understand potential pitfalls related to nonces and discover the diverse functions available in the Nonces API and their specific purposes, as well as how the WordPress core utilizes them.

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