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About this site

Staying on top of the new features coming to the WordPress open-source project is one of the main barriers that developers say they face.

The Make Core blog has a heavy emphasis on meeting notes for the various core teams; highlighting new features often gets short shrift. This can make it difficult for developers who are not contributors—or who just occasionally contribute—to find feature-specific information among the team-related posts. 

To achieve one of the big picture goals for 2022 (“Create a developer-focused communications site“), a group of experienced contributors and team reps started this Developer blog site.

Here you will find updates for developers, whether you are an extender who builds plugins and themes, or you work with WordPress at an agency or as a freelancer.

At the moment the site is still in beta and only a few blog posts are available.

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Editorial Group

The Editorial Group overseeing the publishing process comprises the following contributors:

Meetings are the first Thursday of every month at 13:00 UTC at #core-dev-blog WordPress Slack channel.

For more background, you can follow the discussion through the two proposals made earlier this year:

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