Updates and tutorials on WordPress theme development, covering classic themes and block themes.

  • Leveraging theme.json and per-block styles for more performant themes

    With each major WordPress update, theme authors gain access to new tools that decrease their development workload and can increase the performance of their themes. Most of these improvements in the last few releases come from theme.json updates. The theme.json file adds extra settings and styles that can replace the need for custom CSS. These […]

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  • Demystifying Home and Posts Templates in WordPress theme development

    A WordPress user can choose the type of content displayed on the homepage. A new WordPress site’s default behavior is to display a view of the website’s most recent posts. However, it is also possible to set a static page as the homepage. Changing the default behavior to display a static page can be done […]

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  • Creating Themes from a Pattern-first mindset

    Throughout most of WordPress’ history, classic theme development was a template-first affair. Templates housed the structure of the eventual document that would appear on any given front-end page. However, the block paradigm allows for a rethinking of how developers approach theme creation. More and more, it is easy to see how patterns could almost entirely […]

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