Blog post for WordPress developers starting out and are new to PHP or the block editor environment.

  • Quick and easy local WordPress development with wp-env

    wp-env is a tool that allows developers to create a WordPress development environment from the command line with zero configuration. Learn how to install and use wp-env, and discover the benefits that it provides over other local development environments.

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  • Block deprecation – a tutorial

    There’s no need to use a dynamic block if you foresee that your block will change and evolve over time. You can use a static block and use Block Deprecation whenever you update your block. This tutorial post shows you how.

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  • Static vs. dynamic blocks: What’s the difference?

    The Block Editor offers two types of blocks: static and dynamic. The difference between these two types of blocks comes down to how they are rendered on the front-end. Read on to learn more about the details, advantages, and disadvantages of each.

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  • Block theme resources roundup

    If you have been wondering how to learn everything you can about block theme development, then this post is for you. The links in this post have been collected from official WordPress sources and categorized to help you learn more about block themes and related topics.

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  • A PHP developer’s guide to getting started with block development

    Web developers looking to get started with block development face a bewildering array of learning and reference resources. This post will guide you through the learning process and help you to get started with block development.

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  • Demystifying Home and Posts Templates in WordPress theme development

    A WordPress user can choose the type of content displayed on the homepage. A new WordPress site’s default behavior is […]

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