do_action( "in_plugin_update_message-{$file}", array $plugin_data, object $response )

Fires at the end of the update message container in each row of the plugins list table.


The dynamic portion of the hook name, $file, refers to the path of the plugin’s primary file relative to the plugins directory.

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(array) An array of plugin metadata. See get_plugin_data() and the 'plugin_row_meta' filter for the list of possible values.


(object) An object of metadata about the available plugin update.

  • 'id'
    (string) Plugin ID, e.g.[plugin-name].
  • 'slug'
    (string) Plugin slug.
  • 'plugin'
    (string) Plugin basename.
  • 'new_version'
    (string) New plugin version.
  • 'url'
    (string) Plugin URL.
  • 'package'
    (string) Plugin update package URL.
  • 'icons'
    (string[]) An array of plugin icon URLs.
  • 'banners'
    (string[]) An array of plugin banner URLs.
  • 'banners_rtl'
    (string[]) An array of plugin RTL banner URLs.
  • 'requires'
    (string) The version of WordPress which the plugin requires.
  • 'tested'
    (string) The version of WordPress the plugin is tested against.
  • 'requires_php'
    (string) The version of PHP which the plugin requires.

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File: wp-admin/includes/update.php

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Version Description
2.8.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by Geoffrey

    $response seems to be an object, not an array here.

    I used this hook to be able to display an upgrade notice message just after the new version message, like so:

    function wpdocs_plugin_update_message( $plugin_data, $new_data ) {
    	if ( isset( $plugin_data['update'] ) && $plugin_data['update'] && isset( $new_data->upgrade_notice ) ) {
    			'<div class="update-message"><p><strong>%s</strong>: %s</p></div>',
    			$new_data -> new_version,
    			wpautop( $new_data -> upgrade_notice )
    add_action( 'in_plugin_update_message-my-plugin-name/my-plugin-name.php', 'wpdocs_plugin_update_message', 10, 2 );

    But it seems like upgrade_notice isn’t available anymore. This code is still a good way to warn user for important upgrades. :)

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