apply_filters( 'plugin_row_meta', string[] $plugin_meta, string $plugin_file, array $plugin_data, string $status )

Filters the array of row meta for each plugin in the Plugins list table.

Parameters Parameters


(string[]) An array of the plugin's metadata, including the version, author, author URI, and plugin URI.


(string) Path to the plugin file relative to the plugins directory.


(array) An array of plugin data.


(string) Status filter currently applied to the plugin list. Possible values are: 'all', 'active', 'inactive', 'recently_activated', 'upgrade', 'mustuse', 'dropins', 'search', 'paused', 'auto-update-enabled', 'auto-update-disabled'.

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More Information More Information

The plugin_row_meta filter hook is used to add additional links below each plugin on the Plugins page.

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Source Source

File: wp-admin/includes/class-wp-plugins-list-table.php

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
2.8.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by Mahdi Yazdani
     * Filters the array of row meta for each/specific plugin in the Plugins list table.
     * Appends additional links below each/specific plugin on the plugins page.
     * @access  public
     * @param   array       $links_array            An array of the plugin's metadata
     * @param   string      $plugin_file_name       Path to the plugin file
     * @param   array       $plugin_data            An array of plugin data
     * @param   string      $status                 Status of the plugin
     * @return  array       $links_array
    function prefix_append_support_and_faq_links( $links_array, $plugin_file_name, $plugin_data, $status ) {
    	if ( strpos( $plugin_file_name, basename(__FILE__) ) ) {
    		// You can still use `array_unshift()` to add links at the beginning.
    		$links_array[] = '<a href="#">FAQ</a>';
    		$links_array[] = '<a href="#">Support</a>';
    	return $links_array;
    add_filter( 'plugin_row_meta', 'prefix_append_support_and_faq_links', 10, 4 );
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    Contributed by stevenlinx

    Example Migrated from Codex:

    Adds new links to the metadata array of the plugin.

    add_filter( 'plugin_row_meta', 'custom_plugin_row_meta', 10, 2 );
    function custom_plugin_row_meta( $plugin_meta, $plugin_file, $plugin_data, $status ) {
    	if ( strpos( $plugin_file, 'plugin-file-name.php' ) !== false ) {
    		$new_links = array(
    				'donate' => '<a href="donation_url" target="_blank">Donate</a>',
                    'doc' => '<a href="doc_url" target="_blank">Documentation</a>'
    		$plugin_meta = array_merge( $plugin_meta, $new_links );
    	return $plugin_meta;

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