apply_filters( ‘login_headerurl’, string $login_header_url )

Filters link URL of the header logo above login form.


Login header logo URL.

More Information

The “login_headerurl” filter is used to filter the URL of the logo on the WordPress login page. By default, this logo links to the WordPress site.

A plugin can register as a content filter with the code:


Where “plugin_function_name” is the function WordPress should call when the content is being retrieved. Note that the filter function the plugin defines must return the URL after it is finished processing, or the logo may not have any links, and other plugins also filtering the same may generate errors.

You can also use this in the theme function.php file within your WordPress page if you don’t wish to use a plugin or want to distribute your theme.


$login_header_url = apply_filters( 'login_headerurl', $login_header_url );



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