apply_filters( 'hooked_block_types', string[] $hooked_block_types, string $relative_position, string $anchor_block_type, WP_Block_Template|array $context )

Filters the list of hooked block types for a given anchor block type and relative position.


$hooked_block_types string[]
The list of hooked block types.
$relative_position string
The relative position of the hooked blocks.
Can be one of 'before', 'after', 'first_child', or 'last_child'.
$anchor_block_type string
The anchor block type.
$context WP_Block_Template|array
The block template, template part, or pattern that the anchor block belongs to.

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File: wp-includes/blocks.php. View all references

$hooked_block_types = apply_filters( 'hooked_block_types', $hooked_block_types, $relative_position, $anchor_block_type, $context );

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Version Description
6.4.0 Introduced.

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