apply_filters( ‘auto_core_update_email’, array $email, string $type, object $core_update, mixed $result )

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Filters the email sent following an automatic background core update.


Array of email arguments that will be passed to wp_mail() .
  • to string
    The email recipient. An array of emails can be returned, as handled by wp_mail() .
  • subject string
    The email’s subject.
  • body string
    The email message body.
  • headers string
    Any email headers, defaults to no headers.
The type of email being sent. Can be one of 'success', 'fail', 'manual', 'critical'.
The update offer that was attempted.
The result for the core update. Can be WP_Error.


$email = apply_filters( 'auto_core_update_email', $email, $type, $core_update, $result );



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