update_blog_option( int $id, string $option, mixed $value, mixed $deprecated = null ): bool

Updates an option for a particular blog.


The blog ID.
The option key.
The option value.
Not used.



bool True if the value was updated, false otherwise.


function update_blog_option( $id, $option, $value, $deprecated = null ) {
	$id = (int) $id;

	if ( null !== $deprecated ) {
		_deprecated_argument( __FUNCTION__, '3.1.0' );

	if ( get_current_blog_id() == $id ) {
		return update_option( $option, $value );

	switch_to_blog( $id );
	$return = update_option( $option, $value );

	return $return;


MU (3.0.0)Introduced.

User Contributed Notes

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    The return documentation states:

    (bool) True on success, false on failure.

    However, this is not true. This function uses update_option() under the hood, and returns its result verbatim. It’s not in the reference, but the Codex doc of update_option() states:

    True if option value has changed, false if not or if update failed.

    update_option() will return false if the value has not changed, such as if the new value is the same as the old, and therefore so will update_blog_option(). Thus, just because it returns false does not mean there was an error.

    Also, see this helpful comment.

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