get_the_ID ()

Retrieve the ID of the current item in the WordPress Loop.

Return: (int|false) The ID of the current item in the WordPress Loop. False if $post is not set.

Source file: wp-includes/post-template.php

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Used by


function get_the_ID() {
	$post = get_post();
	return ! empty( $post ) ? $post->ID : false;


User Contributed Notes

  1. Post Anchor Identifier
    get_the_ID() can be used to provide a unique anchor in a script. For instance, a dynamically-generated drop down menu with actions for each post in an archive could have

    	$id = get_the_ID();
    	$dropdown = "<select name='dropdown-".$id."' >";
    	$dropdown .= "<option id='option1-". $id ."'>Option 1</option>";
    	$dropdown .= "</select>";

    This would allow us to use JavaScript to control the element as it has a unique ID, and when submitting it as a form through the POST or GET methods the dropdown box will be sent with a unique ID which allows the script to note which post it is working on. Alternatively a hidden variable could be sent which will allow the script to see which post the submission is referring to

    	echo '<input type="hidden" name="activepost" id="activepost" value="'.get_the_ID().'" />';

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