get_comment_author_link( int|WP_Comment $comment_ID ): string

Retrieves the HTML link to the URL of the author of the current comment.


Both get_comment_author_url() and get_comment_author() rely on get_comment() , which falls back to the global comment variable if the $comment_ID argument is empty.

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$comment_ID int|WP_Comment Optional
WP_Comment or the ID of the comment for which to get the author's link.
Default current comment.

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string The comment author name or HTML link for author's URL.

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More Information

Displays the comment author name or HTML link of the comment author’s URL, given a comment ID.

echo get_comment_author_link( $comment_ID );

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File: wp-includes/comment-template.php. View all references

function get_comment_author_link( $comment_ID = 0 ) {
	$comment = get_comment( $comment_ID );
	$url     = get_comment_author_url( $comment );
	$author  = get_comment_author( $comment );

	if ( empty( $url ) || 'http://' === $url ) {
		$return = $author;
	} else {
		$return = "<a href='$url' rel='external nofollow ugc' class='url'>$author</a>";

	 * Filters the comment author's link for display.
	 * @since 1.5.0
	 * @since 4.1.0 The `$author` and `$comment_ID` parameters were added.
	 * @param string $return     The HTML-formatted comment author link.
	 *                           Empty for an invalid URL.
	 * @param string $author     The comment author's username.
	 * @param string $comment_ID The comment ID as a numeric string.
	return apply_filters( 'get_comment_author_link', $return, $author, $comment->comment_ID );

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Version Description
4.4.0 Added the ability for $comment_ID to also accept a WP_Comment object.
1.5.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by Muhammad Ayoub

    Add an custom class to comment_author_link using filters. When using get_comment_author_link this function to fetch comment author link.

    Just add this code into functions.php

    // filter for get_comment_author_link
    function wpdocs_custom_get_comment_author_link( $content ) {
    	$extra_classes = 'text-decoration-none text-primary fw-bold mb-0';
    	return preg_replace( '/url/', 'url ' . $extra_classes, $content );
    add_filter( 'get_comment_author_link', 'wpdocs_custom_get_comment_author_link', 99 );

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