apply_filters( ‘widget_categories_args’, array $cat_args, array $instance )

Filters the arguments for the Categories widget.


An array of Categories widget options.
Array of settings for the current widget.

More Information

This filter is used by the default “WordPress Widget: Categories” before it passes arguments to the wp_list_categories() function.


wp_list_categories( apply_filters( 'widget_categories_args', $cat_args, $instance ) );


4.9.0Added the $instance parameter.

User Contributed Notes

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    Example migrated from Codex:

    To hide some categories create a filter function in your functions.php file and hook it to the widget_categories_args filter. In this function, add the exclude parameter to the arguments list. Currently, in Version 3.3.2, the exclude parameter is not provided, but for future compatibility you should decide how you want to handle an already existing exclude parameter.

    add_filter( 'widget_categories_args', 'widget_categories_args_filter', 10, 1 );
    function widget_categories_args_filter( $cat_args ) {
    	$exclude_arr = array( 4 );
    	if( isset( $cat_args['exclude'] ) && !empty( $cat_args['exclude'] ) )
    		$exclude_arr = array_unique( array_merge( explode( ',', $cat_args['exclude'] ), $exclude_arr ) );
    	$cat_args['exclude'] = implode( ',', $exclude_arr );
    	return $cat_args;

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