apply_filters( ‘upload_dir’, array $uploads )

Filters the uploads directory data.


Array of information about the upload directory.
  • path string
    Base directory and subdirectory or full path to upload directory.
  • url string
    Base URL and subdirectory or absolute URL to upload directory.
  • subdir string
    Subdirectory if uploads use year/month folders option is on.
  • basedir string
    Path without subdir.
  • baseurl string
    URL path without subdir.
  • error string|false
    False or error message.

More Information

This hook allows you to change the directory where files are uploaded to. The keys and values in the array are used by the wp_upload_dir()  function in wordpress core, which is doing the work


$uploads = apply_filters( 'upload_dir', $cache[ $key ] );



User Contributed Notes

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    This goes into your plugin.

    add_filter('upload_dir', 'awesome_wallpaper_dir');
    function awesome_wallpaper_dir( $param ){
        $mydir = '/awesome';
        $param['path'] = $param['path'] . $mydir;
        $param['url'] = $param['url'] . $mydir;
        return $param;

    If your plugin is written as a class, you’ll want to hook to it like this:

    add_filter( 'upload_dir', array( $this, 'awesome_wallpaper_dir' ) );

    Using this, in conjunction with the wp_handle_upload_prefilter, you can dynamically determine which directory to upload to, based on the files you upload.

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