apply_filters( "option_{$option}", mixed $value, string $option )

Filters the value of an existing option.

Description Description

The dynamic portion of the hook name, $option, refers to the option name.

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Parameters Parameters


(mixed) Value of the option. If stored serialized, it will be unserialized prior to being returned.


(string) Option name.

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More Information More Information

This hook allows you to filter any option after database lookup.

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Source Source

File: wp-includes/option.php

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
4.4.0 The $option parameter was added.
1.5.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by ptasker

    Quick tip for disabling a plugin at run time using the ‘active_plugins’ option:

    // Outputs an array of all plugins.
     var_dump( get_option( 'active_plugins' ) );
     add_filter( 'option_active_plugins', function( $plugins ){
    	if ( $my_condition ) {
    		unset( $plugins['my-plugin-slug'] );
    	return $plugins;
    // Outputs an empty array.
    var_dump( get_option( 'active_plugins' ) );
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    Contributed by stevenlinx

    Example migrated from Codex:

    For example, to filter the blog description, you may use option_blogdescription.

    In the following sample code, we change the blog description on archive pages to include a page number (i.e. changing to “Example description. Page 2“). This is a common usage scenario to avoid duplicate meta description error in Google Webmaster Tools.

    add_filter( 'option_blogdescription', 'my_theme_filter_blogdescription' );
    function my_theme_filter_blogdescription( $description ) {
    	if ( ! is_archive() ) {
    		return $description;
    	global $page, $paged;
    	if ( ( $paged >= 2 || $page >= 2 ) && ! is_404() ) {
    		$description .= $description . sprintf( __( ' Page %d' ), max( $paged, $page ) );
    	return $description;

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