apply_filters( 'mime_types', string[] $wp_get_mime_types )

Filters the list of mime types and file extensions.


This filter should be used to add, not remove, mime types. To remove mime types, use the ‘upload_mimes’ filter.

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(string[]) Mime types keyed by the file extension regex corresponding to those types.

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File: wp-includes/functions.php

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Version Description
3.5.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by Lovro Hrust

    Add Webp image type to allowed media types. Note that this type may still not display correctly in media library, since its dimensions might be incorrectly read by image processing functions.

     * Add webp to allowed media types
    function wpdocs_add_webp( $wp_get_mime_types ) {
    	$wp_get_mime_types['webp'] = 'image/webp';
    	return $wp_get_mime_types;
    add_filter( 'mime_types', 'wpdocs_add_webp' );

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