apply_filters( ‘manage_pages_columns’, string[] $post_columns )

Filters the columns displayed in the Pages list table.


An associative array of column headings.

More Information

  • Applied to the list of columns to print on the manage Pages Screen. Filter function argument/return value is an associative array where the element key is the name of the column, and the value is the header text for that column.
  • See also the action hook manage_pages_custom_column, which alters the column information for each page in the edit table.

Built-in Column Types

Note: Listed in order of appearance. By default, all columns supported by the post type are shown.

  • cb Checkbox for bulk actions.
  • title
    Post title.

    Includes “edit”, “quick edit”, “trash” and “view” links. If $mode (set from $_REQUEST['mode']) is ‘excerpt’, a post excerpt is included between the title and links.

  • author Post author.
  • author Post author.
  • categories Categories the post belongs to.
  • tags Tags for the post.
  • comments Number of pending comments.
  • date The date and publish status of the post.


$posts_columns = apply_filters( 'manage_pages_columns', $posts_columns );



User Contributed Notes

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    Example migrated from Codex:

    The example below adds a “Thumbnail” column, then removes an “Author” column and a “Comments” Column.

    add_filter( 'manage_pages_columns', 'my_custom_pages_columns' );
    function my_custom_pages_columns( $columns ) {
    	/** Add a Thumbnail Column **/
    	$myCustomColumns = array(
    		'thumbnail' => __( 'Thumbnail', 'Aternus' )
    	$columns = array_merge( $columns, $myCustomColumns );
    	/** Remove a Author, Comments Columns **/
    	return $columns;

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