do_action( 'enqueue_block_editor_assets' )

Fires after block assets have been enqueued for the editing interface.


Call add_action on any hook before ‘admin_enqueue_scripts’.

In the function call you supply, simply use wp_enqueue_script and wp_enqueue_style to add your functionality to the block editor.

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File: wp-admin/edit-form-blocks.php. View all references

do_action( 'enqueue_block_editor_assets' );

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Version Description
5.0.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by thejaydip

    Using this method you can enqueue JavaScript file for the editor

    function wpdocs_enqueue_scripts() {
      $blockPath = '/blocks/index.js';
      // Enqueue the block index.js file
        'example-block', // unique handle
        get_template_directory_uri() . $blockPath,
        [ 'wp-blocks', 'wp-element', 'wp-i18n' ], // required dependencies for blocks
        filemtime( get_template_directory() . $blockPath )
    add_action( 'enqueue_block_editor_assets', 'wpdocs_enqueue_scripts' );

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