Warning: This hook has been deprecated. Use ‘{$taxonomy_edit_form_fields’} instead.

do_action_deprecated( 'edit_category_form_fields', WP_Term $tag )

Fires after the Edit Category form fields are displayed.


$tag WP_Term
Current category term object.

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More Information

The edit_category_form_fields action/hook can be used to perform additional actions on the edit category screen. For example, you can add form fields in order to save additional information for a particular category.

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File: wp-admin/edit-tag-form.php. View all references

do_action_deprecated( 'edit_category_form_fields', array( $tag ), '3.0.0', '{$taxonomy}_edit_form_fields' );

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Version Description
3.0.0 Use '{$taxonomy_edit_form_fields'} instead.
2.9.0 Introduced.

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