apply_filters( ‘comment_reply_link_args’, array $args, WP_Comment $comment, WP_Post $post )

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Filters the comment reply link arguments.


Comment reply link arguments. See get_comment_reply_link() for more information on accepted arguments.
More Arguments from get_comment_reply_link( … $args )Override default arguments.
  • add_below string
    The first part of the selector used to identify the comment to respond below.
    The resulting value is passed as the first parameter to addComment.moveForm(), concatenated as $add_below-$comment->comment_ID. Default 'comment'.
  • respond_id string
    The selector identifying the responding comment. Passed as the third parameter to addComment.moveForm(), and appended to the link URL as a hash value.
    Default 'respond'.
  • reply_text string
    The text of the Reply link. Default 'Reply'.
  • login_text string
    The text of the link to reply if logged out. Default ‘Log in to Reply’.
  • max_depth int
    The max depth of the comment tree. Default 0.
  • depth int
    The depth of the new comment. Must be greater than 0 and less than the value of the 'thread_comments_depth' option set in Settings > Discussion. Default 0.
  • before string
    The text or HTML to add before the reply link.
  • after string
    The text or HTML to add after the reply link.
The object of the comment being replied to.
The WP_Post object.


$args = apply_filters( 'comment_reply_link_args', $args, $comment, $post );



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