apply_filters( ‘clean_url’, string $good_protocol_url, string $original_url, string $_context )

Filters a string cleaned and escaped for output as a URL.


The cleaned URL to be returned.
The URL prior to cleaning.
If 'display', replace ampersands and single quotes only.


return apply_filters( 'clean_url', $good_protocol_url, $original_url, $_context );



User Contributed Notes

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    It seems to be hard to find a complete list of the possible contexts; as far as I could determine, besides the ‘display’ context, there is also the ‘db’ context (which has its own set of encapsulating functions), but I couldn’t find a reference to the full list of contexts.

    (The same comment applies to esc_url() too, of course; only ‘display’ is mentioned there as well.)

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