do_action( 'check_admin_referer', string $action, false|int $result )

Fires once the admin request has been validated or not.


$action string
The nonce action.
$result false|int
False if the nonce is invalid, 1 if the nonce is valid and generated between 0-12 hours ago, 2 if the nonce is valid and generated between 12-24 hours ago.

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More Information

The filter hook is applied in the default check_admin_referrer() function after the nonce has been checked for security purposes; this allows a plugin to force WordPress to die for extra security reasons. Note that check_admin_referrer is also a “pluggable” function, meaning that plugins can override it.

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File: wp-includes/pluggable.php. View all references

do_action( 'check_admin_referer', $action, $result );

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Version Description
1.5.1 Introduced.

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