Action Hook: Fires before the password and confirm password fields are checked for congruity.

Source: wp-admin/includes/user.php:163

Used by 1 function | Uses 0 functions


Function: Converts named entities into numbered entities.

Source: wp-includes/formatting.php:3989

Used by 1 function | Uses 1 function


Action Hook: Prints scripts or data before the closing body tag on the front end.

Source: wp-includes/general-template.php:3059

Used by 1 function | Uses 0 functions


Function: Determines whether the current request is for an administrative interface page.

Source: wp-includes/load.php:1172

Used by 74 functions | Uses 0 functions


Filter Hook: Filters the path to the theme template file used for the comments template.

Source: wp-includes/comment-template.php:1547

Used by 1 function | Uses 0 functions