apply_filters( 'category_description', string $description, WP_Term $category )

Filters the category description for display.


$description string
Category description.
$category WP_Term
Category object.

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File: wp-includes/class-walker-category.php. View all references

$atts['title'] = strip_tags( apply_filters( 'category_description', $category->description, $category ) );

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Version Description
1.2.0 Introduced.

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User Contributed Notes

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    Contributed by hasanrang05

    Get access to term data and term field data

    add_action('category_description', 'category_description_28072021', 90, 2);
    function category_description_28072021($description, $term){
        if(is_admin()) return $description;
        //Get term data
        $term_id = isset($term->term_id) ? $term->term_id : $term;
        $category = get_term($term_id);
        $taxonomy = isset($category->taxonomy) ? $category->taxonomy : '';
        // term field data
        $post_count = get_term_field('count', $term_id);
        return  sprintf(__('Total post Count: %s. ', 'textdomain'), $post_count). $description;

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