Retrieves the current environment type.

Description Description

The type can be set via the WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE global system variable, or a constant of the same name.

Possible values are ‘local’, ‘development’, ‘staging’, and ‘production’. If not set, the type defaults to ‘production’.

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Return Return

(string) The current environment type.

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More Information More Information

  • This function allows plugin and theme authors to more easily differentiate how they handle specific functionality between production and development sites in a standardized way.
  • When development is returned by wp_get_environment_type(), WP_DEBUG will be set to true if it is not defined in the wp-config.php file of the site.
  • All hosts that support setting up staging environments are requested to set this feature to staging on those staging environments. Similarly, all developers with development environments to set this value to development appropriately.

Example Usage:

switch ( wp_get_environment_type() ) {
    case 'local':
    case 'development':
    case 'staging':
    case 'production':

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Source Source

File: wp-includes/load.php

function wp_get_environment_type() {
	static $current_env = '';

	if ( $current_env ) {
		return $current_env;

	$wp_environments = array(

	// Add a note about the deprecated WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPES constant.
	if ( defined( 'WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPES' ) && function_exists( '_deprecated_argument' ) ) {
		if ( function_exists( '__' ) ) {
			/* translators: %s: WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPES */
			$message = sprintf( __( 'The %s constant is no longer supported.' ), 'WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPES' );
		} else {
			$message = sprintf( 'The %s constant is no longer supported.', 'WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPES' );


	// Check if the environment variable has been set, if `getenv` is available on the system.
	if ( function_exists( 'getenv' ) ) {
		$has_env = getenv( 'WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE' );
		if ( false !== $has_env ) {
			$current_env = $has_env;

	// Fetch the environment from a constant, this overrides the global system variable.
	if ( defined( 'WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE' ) ) {
		$current_env = WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE;

	// Make sure the environment is an allowed one, and not accidentally set to an invalid value.
	if ( ! in_array( $current_env, $wp_environments, true ) ) {
		$current_env = 'production';

	return $current_env;

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
5.5.1 Removed the ability to alter the list of types.
5.5.0 Introduced.

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